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Kaos Vortex

Kaos Vortex

In the beginning was death metal…

Back in oktober 2011 the two guitarists Egor and Niko found each other with the intention to form their own band; hailing the idols and getting the own musical style and ideas fulfilled. The goal was to play death metal in the modern kind of way, but without losing the roots of this briliant music genre. During the first 3 months the four KAOS VORTEX-songs were composed and recorded as a demo with guitars and drum-computer only. We got the attention of the local scene, and started to find the right people who would fit in the band. The first lineup hold about 6 six months. At that time we rehearsed and managed to record more demosongs. Due to personal and musical reasons, the drummer, bassplayer and the singer left the band.

Dehumanized EP

That actually encouraged us to move on and find musicians who would be as dedicated to the band and to death metal as much as we are. After several lineup changes we found Rene (drums), Dave (bass) and Leon (vocals). Since than we began to record our first EP “Dehumanized”. Before it was released we played two shows. One of them was a local underground extreme music festival “Rhein in Blood” in Cologne. The event managers gave us an opportunity to play in front of a big audience without having any record. Thanks for that! “Dehumanized” EP came out in august 2013. We received a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world. Two weeks later the singer left the band because of some personal and creative reasons.

First full-length Album

Two months later we realised that we had enough song-material for a full length album. We started to record new stuff without having any singer. After we finished the drum-tracks, Fredrik from the swedish band Canopy joined the crew. He had already proved himself on stage as a frontman with a killer voice. Immediately he could play our last show for 2013 in cologne.

Just keep in mind, the new KAOS VORTEX-Album will be released in winter 2015, after the next shows and competitions in 2014.

To be continued…


Fredrik Huldtgren – Vocals
Nikolai Voigt – Rhythm Guitar
Egor Gorelik – Lead Guitar
David Sieben – Bass, Backing Vocals
Rene Bousart – Drums