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Bret Hard Records | Powerstroke



The Belgian Groove metal band from the Meetjesland (Oakwood), POWERSTROKE, are playing a grooving mix of Thrash and old-school Hardcore. The band is now recording their 5th album, that’s going to be released end of 2017.

In May 2008 Powerstroke played their first gig at a local event. Now, the band has played more than 200 shows in a few years in Belgium and Europe. Sometimes as headliner, sometimes as support of Body Count and Ice T, Pro-Pain, Death Angel, Agent Steel to name a few. Powerstroke is a hard working band that has built up a very solid live reputation because of their intensive shows and their heavy and groovin’ live sound. Their music contains influences of rock, metal, stoner, punk, hardcore,… all blended in one hell of a cocktail.

In 2010 Powerstroke released their debut ‘Once we were kings’ and two years after their second album ‘Awaken the beast’ came out. Both releases were well-received and although the productions were somewhat questionable and recorded for almost no money, they were showing the nerve and ferocity of what Powerstroke is standing for.

In 2014 the band recorded ‘In for a penny, In for a pound’. The record represents a mixture of elements from the two previous records, containing groove, catchy riffs & vocals and powerful songs – but this time with a killer sound. This record has given the band the nick-name ‘The Belgian steamroll’ in Benelux medias.

In 2016 “Done Deal” was released.

– No tricks, real amps, real guitars, real drummer, real vocals!

Marty / lead guitar-backing vocals

Nuyt / rhythm guitar-backing vocals

Bavo / vocals

Niels / drums

Mark/ bass