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From “Five Dollar Crackbitch” to “Plagueborne” | Bret Hard Records


From “Five Dollar Crackbitch” to “Plagueborne”

From “Five Dollar Crackbitch” to “Plagueborne”

Here’s the official statement of FDCB for renaming!!!!

“Allright Ladies and Gents… as we already said, we are going to Change our Name. The decision wasn’t easy, but it had to be done.

At least we had a lot of trouble with FDCB.
Sites that would not promote our Stuff, Locations and Promoters that ignore you, because they dont like Your Name, or because they think it’s offending or they just think this is no Name for a serious Death Metal Band. Really, sometimes we noticed that Clubowners or Promoters didn’t even listen to our Stuff because
…you might know why…yep, they dont like the Name…

it was nothing new to us, and we said “Fuck off” for the last Years,
but at some Point you are just tired of constantly explain yourself…
To be Fair… we are really happy with our new Bandname, and maybe it fits our Sound better „wink“-Emoticon

So, here it is. before we Re-Name the Page, here’s our new Logo, and within the next Days we will officially be “PLAGUEBORNE”.

The Bitch is Dead, long live the Bitch”


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