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God Enslavement | Bret Hard Records


God Enslavement

God Enslavement

We are proud to announce 2 new signings to our roster: The first is none other than God Enslavement:

“God Enslavement is the new band of Björn Köppler (ex-Tombthroat, Maladie / guitars), Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer / drums), Vincent Matthews (ex-Dying Fetus, Criminal Element / vocals), Kevin Olasz (Deadborn, Maladie / guitars), Déhà (Maladie, Yhdarl / guitars) and Julian Roos (ex-Retaliation, Shattered / bass). It was founded to worship old school Death-Grind like it is hardly played anymore.
With the devil in our backs and the support of Bret Hard Records the debut is just being finalized at Stefano Morabito´s 16th Cellar Studio. The album will be released in 2016. More news soon.

No life without death!
Bandlogo designed by Sascha Ehrich!”

Welcome Boys!!


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