In 2009 BLOOD RUNS DEEP (Switzerland) had released their debut album “These Thoughts About Suicide”.
After the release the band played several shows and tours throughout Europe, including a five week tour supporting A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH on their HELL ACROSS EUROPE TOUR in 2012.

Since 2013 the band is working on their second album. With the new record the band is taking a step away from metal and is moving more towards a doom oriented album. Their songs are much slower, darker and heavier than on the first release. The sound is underlined with astonishing, low-tuned and heavy guitars, distorted basses and droning synthesizer sounds.

The new album “Into The Void” will be released on CD and Vinyl by the end of February 2014 through the Bret Hard Record Label. BLOOD RUNS DEEP will then promote their second album on a four week tour through Europe with A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH again.

Nach dem Album Release „These Thoughts About Suicide“ folgten diverse Konzerte und Touren in und durch Europa. Unter anderem supportete die Schweizer Doom Metal Band im Frühjahr 2012 A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH (ex-Members Type O Negative, Life of Agony) auf ihrer fünf wöchigen Europatour.

Seit anfangs 2013 arbeitet BLOOD RUNS DEEP an ihrem zweiten Album. Die neuen Songs sind einiges düsterer, schleppender und härter als noch beim Vorgänger. Lange, schwere und eingängige Tracks, tiefe Gitarrenriffs und dröhnende Synthesizers prägen das neue Album. Das neue Album heisst „Into The Void“ und wird ab Ende Februar 2014 erhältlich sein.
Im Februar wird BLOOD RUNS DEEP ihr zweites Album auf einer dreiwöchigen Tour durch Europa promoten.